Saturday, 31 January 2009

Brrrr....! It sure is chilly out there tonight, so quite happy to stay in and craft away to my heart's content. Feeling a wee bit frustrated today. Is it just me or does anyone else find that you can't get most of the craft items/stock you want just from one website? It means you end up paying several postage fees. Grr. Sorry, that's my moan of the day out of the way lol.

Last night I made my first Hanglar card. I just love these characters and wish I could get my crafty mitts on more of them! I am quite pleased with the way the card turned out (suprised myself actually) I couldn't find quite the right coloured flowers and papers to match the promarker colours used on the image so I took up a tip from the (fab) elzybells website which suggested making your own. I simply coloured in some white card with my the colours used on the image and wallah! Hope you like....


  1. what a fab idea making the papers match with promarkers!
    beautiful card xx

  2. lovely card, I love this little girl. Elaine


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