Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My Feature and a Sneek Peek

At least there is one thing to keep me cheerful on this dark and rainy day here in Essex! Today I am being featured on a new craft inspiration blog called 'The Divine Influence' which showcases 'divine'crafty creations from around the globe. I had an email a week ago asking if I'd mind being featured...how could I say no! lol

Last night I gave in to temptation and began using my new Scorpal - very naughty really as I should have waited until my birthday this Saturday seeing as it's one of my presents! Anyway, I had a go at making my first gift bag...and I was amazed at how simple it was to make the basic bag. It's as fiddly as you want to make it - i.e by adding embellishments and different style ties. Unfortunately I'm at work typing this so I can't show you the finished product until tonight (hopefully) boo :o(

Ooh, almost forgot to show you.. a sneak peek of the new Christmas Collection of digi downloads that Bee will be releasing on her website soon. They are adorable! So be sure to pay a visit..

Hope you all have a great day whatever your doing!
Byesy Bye for now.


  1. Hi Trixi

    Just wanted to drop by and say a huge 'Thank You' for being featured on Divine Influence. Your work always inspires me, so I am very chuffed we got the chance to showcase your work!

    Oooh, also, I wanted to get a Scorpal - is it worth it??


  2. Hi Trixi, congrats on being featured ! Really enjoyed browsing through your blog, lovely work ! Look forward to seeing the bag you've made, Scorpal is on my wishlist :) Hugs Katy x

  3. Have fun with your scorpal!! I LOVE mine!! :D

  4. Thanks for adding the 'sneak peak' Trixi (hope you're going to post your fab bookmark for people to admire...)
    Very pleased the Divine Influence have discovered you, you do beautiful work that deserves showcasing :)


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